Brian Head Getaway

By Tim Roberts Jan 20, 2007

Yesterday afternoon we cruised down south to check out Brian Head for the first time. First we met up with marketing director Bob Whitelaw. He showed us a beautiful view of the Cedar Breaks red rocks during sunset, which should soon be a national park. Check out this photo Hilary took:


Then we cruised down to the Cedar Breaks Café in the Cedar Breaks Lodge for a nice thick ribeye . We followed that up by checking in to the Chalet Village. There we enjoyed the cozy ski condo warming up by the fire while the snow cats groomed the slopes right outside our deck. We woke up this morning ready to ski. It was a blue bird day so we were stoked. We started out on the Giant Steps chair and took a cruiser over to the Dunes chair, while taking in views of red rocks. Bob said that it was “busy for a Friday,” but it seemed like nobody was there. He also mentioned, “Brian Head is known more for its intermediate terrain.” However, being a good host he knew that we wanted to ski more than groomers. The next run he took us over to the Roulette chair where we skied Devo’s Pitch. The first run I saw this little rock that grabbed my attention so I dropped in early and ripped it. Then I looked up the hill and saw Hilary and Bob skiing chopped Pow that looked even better than what I had just skied. The next run we had to go back there so I could ski where they did. My first couple turns were untracked before dropping into the chopped up stuff. That put smiles on our faces and had us wanting more. Bob then took us through one of the four terrain parks they have. There were a variety of rails, rollers and jumps. After cruising through the park we traded in our skies for a couple of snow cycles. I was definitely surprised by how much fun they were. I used to think they were kind of cheesy until I tried it today. Hilary was also surprised by how fun they were. Brian Head is one of the few resorts that allow snow cycles. We were hooting and having a gas. We went faster with each run, and by the end of the day we were in the park. Check out this photo Hilary took of me catching air on the snow cycle during the second run.


Then we grubbed down for lunch at the Giant Steps Lodge and called it a day. Located just three hours from Vegas, it’s close enough to fly in there and scratch your party itch, then cruise over to Brian Head for a nice remote get away.