Brighton is a Giant Terrain Park

By Kendall Feb 26, 2008
Brighton is a Giant Terrain Park

Saturday dawned somewhat gloomy in the valley with lightly falling snow and foggy conditions and as I headed up to Brighton I anticipated it to much of the same. But to my surprise it was sunny with a few puffy clouds. It's amazing what 30 minutes of driving will do.

As I was hopping off the Magestic lift for a spin through the park I noticed that the sides of the runs had more powder on them than I had thought. The report said 7" but it looked and felt more like 12. While the morning was spent in the park helping out with a rail jam put on by Bluehouse Skis I couldn't help but look at Millicent Peak and see all the lines being dropped and the various cliff hucks lower down.

So following the comp I hopped on my freshly mounted Rossignol Scratch Brigades (which I think I mounted too far forward - the jury is still out) and headed up the Millicent Lift with a sizable posse. We rallied skiers right from the lift and into the various zones littered with cliffs and rollovers.

Dave Wintzer, who I skied Snowbird with back in December, hit a couple of sweet lines including this little gem below which I whimped out on.

brighton-resort_dave-wintzer-line (brighton-resort_dave-wintzer-line)

He kindly offered the line to me and after some reluctance, party because of being on new skis with a mount that I'm not sure of, I backed off. (Thanks Dave). He sent it...with express shipping.

brighton-resort_dave-wintzer-skiing (brighton-resort_dave-wintzer-skiing)

As with any large posse it didn't survive the third lap and I found myself with Elias Green and his cousin Caitlin Morgan, both Alta locals who had come over for the rail jam. We took a few more laps as they tee'd up a nice little 20' drop by spinning 3's.

brighton-resort_-elias-green (brighton-resort_-elias-green)

brighton-resort_caitlin-morgan-360 (brighton-resort_caitlin-morgan-360)

After the fun on Millicent we headed back to the park for a few more laps...and some carnage on my part. I'm not blaming it on the skis this time. Learning rails and boxes which comes with a price.

Either way you look at it, with man made or natural features, Brighton is one giant terrain park worth sessioning.