Brighton Pow Day. Hero Snow Back Flip

By Snowboard Muse Jan 15, 2015
Day after the sleeper storm made for some epic slow pow destruction!
Brighton Pow Day. Hero Snow Back Flip

New Trick

PC: Bryan Koviak


1-12-15 Utah got hammered with an awesome storm. With not to much forecasted the storm produced up to 22 inches in less than 24 hours. 8 of the Utah the resorts received 15+ inches!!! With the 2 fresh feet of hero snow I decided to huck a big ole' back flip. Something I hadent tryed in a few years and managed to stomp out my second try! Here is a quick edit from Brighton the day after the storm! 


Screen Shot.jpg

8 resorts reported 15+ inches. Check out the Ski Utah Snow Report!


White Room




Thanks to Ted St. Peter-Blair and Bryan Koviak for coming out!