Brighton Powder Paradise

By Jake Jan 9, 2008
Brighton Powder Paradise

milly-peak (milly-peak)For a long time, Brighton has been my go-to resort for when I’m looking for a great day of skiing. Monday was a perfect example of the awesome skiing that can be found in Utah. The Sierra Cement that Josh wrote about was in full effect as trail after trail had tons of the white stuff to charge through.

It was my first day at Brighton this year and I was really excited to see the new park features that opened last weekend. Earlier this year, we chatted with Jared Winkler about some of the things to look forward to in the terrain park. One of my favorite features was a wedge at the end of the upper park. People are often scared of stepping into terrain parks, but this is a feature that everyone should hit. You can roll into it nice and slow and still manage to get tons of pop. Feel free to try that 360. Go ahead and pull it to a 540. Anything is possible on these great features.

The park was great, but I was starving for powder. When I dropped into the park, I looked up into Sawbuck and didn't see a lot of tracks, so I decided to ride Snake Creek and boot pack up Preston Peak. I was by myself, so venturing out of bounds was out of the question. I dropped into the bowl, and was teleported into a powder paradise. This a great run where you come out stomping into the top of the park. I had a lot of fun, but it left me wanting more. Brighton opened the Milly Bowl this weekend, so I could either run over there, or head up Great Western to continue back into the powder paradise. I opted for Great Western, and headed up.

The runs off of Great Western are simply spectacular. I dropped Wrangler, a great run through the trees. This wasn't enough to quench my insatiable appetite for powder, so I charged up for another run, this time dropping down into Desperado. If you are like me, and love skiing through open glades and deep powder, look no further than Brighton.

As much fun as I had over on Great Western, Mt. Millicent was looming and her broad open bowl was calling my name. After riding the lift with a new friend, we decided to charge far down the ridge, and dropped into the wide bowl. Even a few days after the storm, the snow was soft, and the terrain was excellent.

Another ride up the new Milly quadand I shot over to the old Evergreen area. Following the shoulder down the Exhibition run and dropping into the powder off the sides, I was in heaven. Great rides on a great mountain.

This day at Brighton was one of my favorites. With the icy breeze, I was worried that I might end up leaving the resort with a frozen smile plastered to my face.

Thanks for the great park, Brighton.

When you are by yourself, never ride alone in the backcountry. Nuff said.