Bring Newbies Skiing

By Powderhound Cat Mar 15, 2011

If you only have a few days out of the winter to get a ski trip in, I imagine you don’t want to spend it on the beginner hill. I am so fortunate to have had so many perfect days that it’s really important to me to pay it forward. If someone hadn’t taken the time to teach me, I wouldn’t be living this dream now. Although the story might have been different if it was a powder day...

I had some company come last week, one first time skier included! I was thrilled for her, to like me, be trying the sport for the first time a little later in life than most. I took her to the Canyons, Alta, and Brighton.

I wanted you to know that my word is bond. I told you here that the Canyons is a good spot to take a beginner. And we did spend all day on High Meadow chair lift. Having other beginners around builds confidence and keeps things like the chair lift and falling over in perspective.

I told you here that Alta surprised me with its perfect green runs off of Sunnyside. So I took my friend there. It was her favorite hill. I loved that by then she was so happy we could even break off and take a few other runs and leave her on her own.

And I just love Brighton. So after three days, I’ve successfully converted another non skier to our world. She was already planning her next trip to come and see me before she’d said goodbye. I couldn’t be happier. One of my favorite things about skiing is seeing someone try it for the first time, and fall in love like I did!

When you plan your next ski trip to Utah, bring your "never ever" buddy. Put him/her in a first time lesson, and let our perfect snow and wonderful resorts do the rest.


*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat