By Ride Utah Mar 3, 2011
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Burton Chill Program Week 3 (week3)With a week off due to Presidents weekend, CHILL got underway again tonight with enthusiasm as kids started graduateing from the Explorer chair and progressed onto the Majestic lift. The theme for the week was RESPONIBILITY both on and off the hill and was quickly applied by some attendees. For almost all of those taking part in the program, never beeing to a resort and for some never having been to a mountain has been both an enlightening and frightening experience. Remember the first time you rode a lift? Did you fall the first few times off? Did you ever experience an injury on hill? Most of us, including myself would answer yes to all of these questions. Snowboarding and skiing are relatively safe sports with the proper gear and instructions, but there are a lot of factors that come into play on-hill. There are other obstacles while riding; some are static like trees and equipment, while others can be moving and dangerous such as other riders. For beginners, the slightest shift or move can send them sailing down the mountain out of control, so fellow riders should try and keep a wide berth and help avoid collisions. Such was the accident tonight while a new rider was cut off, although unintentionally, was still injured. Accidents happen fast and I’m glad that ski patrol and EMT’s in the clinic are present and available on hill for injuries. Although injured, the teenager’s friend took the RESPONSIBILITY to find supervision and get the friend to the clinic and eventually down the hill for treatment. With the other participants graduating to the Majestic lift and eventually Crest Express, I would encourage everyone on the mountain to watch out for your fellow riders. Look before you leap in the terrain park, look up-hill while merging onto ski runs and always look while entering a run from a blind spot or trees. If it helps you feel better, like it does for me, start wearing a helmet and encourage others to do so as well. Brighton has a great offer for a FREE helmet with the purchase of an adult lesson. While supplies last a complete ‘learn to ski’ package costs $79.00, which includes a helmet, lesson and beginner, lift pass. Rentals are available for an additional $15.00. That’s skiing, lessons and a helmet for under $100.00! Such a great deal to try a new sport and stay safe on the mountain. 

There are still three more weeks for these 100 kids to get out on the mountain and really adapt what they have learned on and off the hill. To have PATIENCE, PERSISTANCE, and RESPONSIBILTY for those actions.

For more information about CHILL, terrain park safety or helmets visit the links below.

WHY CHILL ROCKS With positive adult role models, engaging activities, and incredible mountain environments we build self-confidence and raise self-esteem. As many of us know, the impact of snowboarding can be particularly inspiring.

Be sure you Know the Code: You're Responsibility Code provides safety tips while on the slopes. Smart Style is a terrain park specific safety program that you should check out before using terrain parks.

*NSAA, the trade association for ski areas across the country, recommends that parents, skiers and snowboarders make the right choice about wearing a helmet. Click Here for more tips from the NSAA on helmet use*