Burton CHILL Program, Week 5

By Ride Utah Mar 17, 2011
Burton Chill Program, Brighton Ski Resort, Ride Utah
Burton CHILL Program, Week 5

Burton CHILL Program Week 5

Chill Respect Bear (chill-respect-bear)RESPECT

I love participating in the CHILL Program in the weeks after daylight savings has passed. We move from the dark winter hours into the alpine glow of afternoon and early evening. The participants get to explore the mountain with daylight and see what their environment looks like compared to the beginner lift. These last few weeks are when snowboarding really cements itself in the minds of the youth participating.

The theme of this week’s CHILL program was Respect. Something we all learn from youth to adulthood. Respect for our elders. Respect for the environment. Respect for other religions, people and cultures. This also applies to respect on the mountain. Snowboarding is a broad sport that encompasses women and men of all ages and riding abilities. Some of us have been riding for 20+ years, while others, it’s on the fifth time on the mountain. Respect on the mountain amounts to obeying the officially posted signs on the mountain, watching out for others while merging on trails and letting the rider in front of you have the right-of-way.

Tonight we also had a sudden winter storm that rolled through, showering us with grapple and wet snow. The temperatures dipped and the wind picked up towards the end of the night. Along with board, boots, bindings and outerwear, Burton also furnishes Anon goggles for participants on nights like these. For most, it was the first time that goggles were needed and much appreciated. Spirits stayed high throughout the evening and with kids exploring the Crest Express at Brighton Ski Resort, they finally got in a few full-length runs of a mountain. Their smiles beamed and their confidence was boosted.

For their return trip to the valley, I donated some Transworld Snowboarding magazines for them to start to dissect and discover a whole new world of snowboarding. The snowboard photo! Hopefully they will delve in and have much to talk about and discover for the sixth and final week of the 2011 Burton CHILL program.

To find out how you can get involved as a company or individual for CHILL: http://www.chill.org/

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