Burton Movie Review

By Tim Roberts Oct 23, 2008

Last night I was at the Gateway in Salt Lake for the Utah Premiere of It's Always Snowing Somewhere.  The kids were out in force last night and pro riders were out front signing autographs.  Inside the theatre filled up quickly and everyone was ready to shift their mind to winter mode.

It didn't take long.  Within the first 1 minute of the movie starting we were thrown straight into a world of nipple deep powder and pillow lines.  The Burton crew only showed the Northern Hemisphere section of the movie, but, that was enough to get the stoke flowing.  From the East Coast, to Japan, to Alaska, and of course Utah the movie traversed the globe in search of deep powder, steep lines, and huge air.  The Burton Team clearly had a constructive season last year getting after it all over the world.  The music in this flick was also really good.  Each track pumping loudly through the THX system at the Gateway.

Definitely pick up this movie.  I want it just so I can see the Southern Hemisphere stuff as well.