Burton Qualifiers at Powder Mountain!

By Snowboard Muse Jan 19, 2016
January 23 the Burton Qualifiers stops at Powder Mountain for "Mystery Hits"
Burton Qualifiers at Powder Mountain!

Powder Mountain will be hosting the "Mystery Hits" stop in the Burton Qualifiers tour. I personally cannot wait for this super fun event at one of my favorite resorts. 

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Where? Powder Mountain

When? January 23rd

How? Registration 9AM- 11 AM in Hidden Lake Lodge

Start? 11:30AM

WHY?! Because its going to be awesome!

We can't give out too much information, since it is a "Mystery."   All I can tell you is that it will be located in the Hidden Lake Halfpipe and transitions will be the focal point.  Although, you might still jump on some metal or some wood. 

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Pow Mow is riding real nice lately!