Buy Skiing, Not Things

By Powderhound Cat Jan 22, 2015
Provide yourself with an experience and it's worth every penny.
Buy Skiing, Not Things

Read this first.

If you won’t - the premise is that we consume so much that doesn’t actually provide us with value. There is something about this article that you should consider. Skiing isn’t easy. It isn’t cheap. You need gear, and you need tickets, and your family is flying, and driving, and condo-ing; and it’s pricey.

It’s so worth it.

“Nothing material is intrinsically valuable, except in whatever promise of happiness it carries.”

The meaningful memory. The first time that you see your cousin grin from snowflakes glistening through a dense expanse of aspens. Your husband high fives your son and everything is right in the world. That mental photograph will never be lost.

We only get so many opportunities to be with the ones we love. Time and work and responsibilities get in our way even with the best of intentions. Plan an adventure.

Book that flight.

Snow Travelista does a great job showing you how. Pam shows you what to eat. Matt and Andrew make it so obvious why you make it happen. Jodi helps with the kid stuff (it sounds like you have to love them more than anyone has ever loved anyone to do the fine work you do).  

The anticipation is the start. You book and then you wait. You check the weather in the mountains from your desk in Dallas. You check the blog for the latest adventures we’re having. You tell the kids over chicken dinner that it’s time to pack lots of warm socks and get ready for hot cocoa and sleigh rides. You call the guys and report the bachelor party is going to be powder filled.

A vacation is the happiest thing you can create. A ski vacation is unforgettable. After the anticipation and the experience, there’s the telling. The stories. The reliving. The goPro footage. There’s no better place to connect with human happiness than a chairlift or a packed apres spot.

We’re here to help and if you search this site you’ll find a ridiculous amount of info to make sure the trip goes well. If not, ask. Let us help you experience Utah in the best way possible. The thoughtful, planned, surprise-filled stuff you want to be remembering for years to come.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat