Can I Afford It?

By Kendall Feb 17, 2009
Can I Afford It?

usatodaylogo (usatodaylogo)Affordable is often times relative, but I'm sure most of us could agree on what is or isn't affordable. However,  being a local and having a season pass skews things more than a bit when we roll past the ticket window or see what a condo goes for each night.

If the tables were turned, and the only way to satisfy the jones for sliding on snow was a trip out west, how would you measure affordable? Where would you go?

Some days, like today when 10" of new snow fell and another 10" is predicted, can be priceless.  But at the end, or perhaps the beginning of said day, a price must be paid.

In a time when we are  inclined to clutch the wallet a little (or a lot) tighter, USA Today came out with a Travel Section cover story about Salt Lake being an affordable ski destination when compared to other spots in the west.

In the article they talked about the Cottonwood Resorts and the varying lift prices and lodging options.  But be sure to check out the comments section of the article as it has additional pointers about skiing and snowboarding in Utah from some of the USA Today readers.

When it comes down to sliding on snow, you can afford it if you're headed to Utah where the saying should be "you get MORE than you pay for".