Celebrate Skiing at Sundance Resort

By Powderhound Cat Mar 9, 2015
Skiing as an experience, there's no where like it.
Celebrate Skiing at Sundance Resort

Sundance is breathtaking. From the second you park you feel like you're in a new country. I may even think it's the most beautiful Utah resort. In ways, it's a destination. You'll see families and non-skiers there just for the ambiance. This fresh air of relaxation comes over you. Stress melts away as you cruise up the chair lift craning your neck at the incredible views.

Before our most recent storm it was spring conditions and Sundance is a great place to ski some corduroy and take in the views. The sun hits in great spots and lines making it simple to choose the softness you prefer. The top of the resort has views for miles. Sure, they all do, you're thinking. But this is something else. It's transcendental. Timpanogos, the Provo Valley, the resort property...360 beauty from a delicious restaurant deck.

So after a big group party of morning laps, it was views, brews, and sunshine up at the Bearclaw. We enjoyed burgers fresh off the outdoor grill and cold beverages. Really a big change for my Park City friends so used to the same resorts day after day. Don't forget about Sundance! We're often pulled to bigger, or where our friends have a pass. Instead of the same thing weekend after weekend, make a trip and an event out of your experience.

Out of towners rave about Sundance too. It was extra special to be celebrating the engagement of some dear friends...who I showed the Owl Bar and immediately suggested they return for the big day. Sundance is the kind of place you fall in love with, return to, reminisce over. 

*Let it snow* 
Powderhound Cat