Changes In Alta-Tude

By Powderhound Cat Jan 24, 2011

When I first moved to Utah, Alta was the resort that I didn't understand. I thought you had to be some eccentric sort of retired ski professional in a one piece. 

I'd heard from numerous locals and visitors this notion that the mountain is tough terrain for experts only. So, I waited to ski it until I was 'good enough.'

Here's the truth: I think I'd be a better skier if I'd learned there. Connie Marshall (recently featured in Powder Magazine) showed me the greens I'd never seen - and they were a piece of cake. Wide, level, smooth, empty. I even got to observe a lesson, and it was above and beyond the memories of my first time in a class.  I toured a few blues and blacks I hadn't seen before and realized the mountain truly has something for everyone. 

Sure, the powder die hards sleep in their cars to get up there and rip, but even if that isn't your style there isn't any reason to think you won't love this resort. I felt strongly enough that this needed to be said; that if you are one of those people I've met that have never been here - there's nothing to fear! Yes, now I've come to realize there are many things to enjoy about the mountain in addition to the face shots on a powder day.

Now you know - "Alta is for skiers" doesn't mean only the cream of the crop, Alta is open to every type of skier.




*Let it snow*


Powderhound Cat