Chill Update

By Tim Roberts Mar 4, 2008

Well, Chill is winding down for the season and everyone has been having a great time and really developing as shredders. Over the past 5 weeks we've watched these kids go from total beginners to blooming shredders. With Jake it seems like he's really derived a lot of self-confidence thanks to the Chill Program. At the beginning of the program he didn't really talk to anyone and would often just freeze up in situations where he felt unsure of what to do. Now he's confidently cruising the mountain and lapping the terrain park.

Throughout the program I've been shooting video and I'm beginning to work on editing a video about Jake and my experiences in Chill. I should have it ready in the coming weeks.

This Thursday is our last night out and that really kind of bums me out. I've met a lot of really cool kids, the coordinators of the Chill program Joe and Nick have been super and going out shredding at nights really takes me back to the days when I was a kid back in Virginia, getting out of school and heading straight to the hill to ride until the lifts stopped running. It didn't matter that it was cold and snowing and dark. All that mattered was that you were riding, working on that new trick, and chasing your buddies down a dark mountain. If growing up means quiting this kind of stuff, I'll stay a kid forever.  Thanks to everyone at Chill, Burton, and Brighton for doing every for these great kids.

Jake in the park.The Chill BusLoading boards into the bus after another night on the mountain.