Chill Week 3

By Tim Roberts Feb 20, 2008

This weeks theme at Chill was Responsibility. We went of the Code of the Hill, you know all that stuff on the back of the lift ticket about watching out for obstacles and people and always riding in control. The goal was also to get kids to think about how this relates to life and how that responsibility plays a part in everything you do. You've got responsibility on the hill and you've got responsibility in your life and all this is inter-related. The kids seemed to get it. If you ignore your responsibilities there are consequences. That applies both on and off the mountain.

Jake is really shredding now, he's off of the explorer chair and is shredding up the runs off of Majestic. This week we'll be taking it to the Crest High Speed Quad. I'm working on Jake to ride out of his comfort zone a little and turn up the speed. It's coming a long great and I'm real proud of him for sticking with it and braving the cold and the dark all in the name of shredding. More to come.

Chilling with the Burton Chill Program Chilling with the Burton Chill Program