Cliff lodge, babysitting and Em skis off the Tram at Snowbird!

By Mountain Mama Feb 23, 2012
The Aerie Restaurant recently reopened with a great menu and we got a chance to spend the night at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird. Babysitting services are also available, right to your room! And get this, Emily skied from the top of the tram down her first black diamond slope!
Cliff lodge, babysitting and Em skis off the Tram at Snowbird!

Living in Salt Lake City, we are very spoiled.  We can drive 20-35 minutes and basically be at any of 7 ski resorts.  So, we don't have the need to get lodging outside of our comfy, messy house.  We recently had the opportunity to head up to Snowbird, have a lovely dinner at the Aerie Restaurant and spend the night at the Cliff Lodge.  I arrived with enough luggage for a week and kids with too much energy.  The Cliff has a locker area assigned to each room where you can store all your skis and gear so you don't need to lug them all around the lodge.  There are several room offerings including 2 bedroom suites with all the comforts of home.  The rooms are very roomy and have great views of the mountains.  Snowbird sits tucked in Little Cottonwood Canyon so it's pretty hard to get a view without a mountain.  After all, that's what you're there for.  Since my husband and I were going to have an adult meal at the Aerie, we needed a babysitter.  This is where it gets good!  Snowbird offers different options of childcare.  Camp Snowbird is located in the Cliff Lodge during the day.  You can drop the kids and they will be watched over at even young ages while you go sking, check out the Cliff Spa (which we didn't get to) or just have a time out.  If you have evening plans, a sitter will come to you!  This is what we did.  We made a reservation and a sitter showed up promply to our room at 5:30.  She was lovely, friendly and took over immediately!  This was good for me as I was still trying to get organized and running late.  She laid down the rules, got acquainted with the kids and I gave her the OK to take them to get something to eat.  After all, who wants to sit in a hotel room with 2 wild kids for hours!  Not me!  After exchanging phone numbers, letting her know I'd just be upstairs at the Aerie...I was good to go.

The Aerie Restaurant takes up the 10th floor of the Cliff Lodge with amazing views!  They've just gone through a remodel and the food was great.  The chef chatted about the menu as being still "comfortable" food.  Yep, I get that.  I'm not one to eat food I can't identify (not very adventuresome on my part, I eat to survive, not for the sport of it) so was happy to see I knew what was on the menu.  With a five course meal ranging from carrot soup (I don't even like cooked carrots, but this soup was delicious), to the elk entree to desert, the food was "comfortable"; just the right portions and zing without being over the top.  Remember, you're at the mountains not in downtown Miami.  You want the cozy atmosphere with delicious food.  The Aerie certainly achieved that!

Back to rescue the babysitter and also the big promise of going on a swim at night.  It's amazing that the kids have these awesome mountains to ski anytime, but swimming...that is the big deal!  The Cliff has an outdoor swimming pool and several hot tubs outside.  How beautiful to run outside (well, at 15 degrees, don't know about that) and jump into the hot tub.  Kids decided quickly late at night swimming outside maybe not a great idea-have to wait for sun the next day.  We hopped in the hot tub and luckily held up that end of the bargin.

Early the next day, we were given an opportunity to take an early tram ride to the top of Hidden Peak with some other members of the media.  Great opportunity for Emily and myself to see the sun come up and ski down.  As we board the tram, Emily is the only child in the group.  I tried to talk her into just sleeping in.  Nope...she wants to ski.  Guess she's been trained right :)  Lets just stress again...I'm not a great skier!  There are blue and black runs down from Hidden Peak at 11,000', none of this easy stuff.  I'm a little nervous for Em...she's ready.  We gather at the top and follow one of the Snowbird employees down Chips Run which is a blue run.  Em cruises way ahead of me-no surprise- and then follows someone else straight down a black run!  I tried to catch her, but she stopped at the top, looked around at her path and away she went!  No hesitation, no fear, just safety!  Let me tell you...a proud moment for me!  Also, a tribute to all the instructors shes had!  A reason why you enroll your children in lessons; to ski properly, safely, and approach each run knowing you can get down because you have the right knowledge and confidence!

Back to the room to grab some breakfast.  The Atrium has a continental breakfast.  We grabbed coffee, oatmeal, muffins and headed to the room.  After all, there is swimming to be time to waste!  Out to the pool again and this time the sun is up, kids are skiing down Chickadee run and we're in our swimsuits.  Quite exciting for Em and Bren!  With views of Mt Superior, doesn't get any better than this!

A good time and good memories and proud moment for this Mom!

Check out deals from Ski' N See this month.  Coming up...Bren starts weekly board lessons and let me tell you, the countdown is on!