Cold Medicine

By Pam's Plate Feb 1, 2013
No matter the kind of ski day you've had, nothing tops it off better than a hand-crafted cocktail enjoyed by a crackling fire.
Cold Medicine

When the winter inversion nails a cold, iron lid on the valleys below the Wasatch, locals know the only reprieve is to warm your bones with a ski day and some rejuvenating cocktails. And even after we receive a generous dumping of glorious snow and the inversion lifts, the benefits of a ski day punctuated with soothing spirits can’t be beat!

I discovered this dreamy combination last year, during a huge, heavy snow day at Brighton Ski Resort. Steering our way to the classic 1958 A-frame chalet that is Molly Green’s, we found a fireside seat and the magic elixir they call Molly’s Milk. Ever since, I’ve been on a quest for the best toe-tingling cocktails on the slopes.

We re-created this experience this last weekend, when snow was once again endlessly falling making for a huge day of giddy, fresh runs. I have to add that the day was made even better because I got to try out my brand new “Gas Pedal” skis made by Viice, a small Utah company. My husband surprised me with these beauties, custom-made with vibrant poppies (I love flowers as much as powder!).

As you seek your big days on the mountain—your first days, epic days, wild days, mellow days, monster days, champion days—finish them off by finding a fireside to kick up your feet and toast the best winter lifestyle on the planet.


Here are some of my favorite remedies:


Molly Green’s, Brighton: The Molly’s Milk. Brandy, Kahlua, coffee, whipped cream


Stein Eriksen Lodge, Troll Hallen Lounge: The Norwegian Restaurateur. Linie Aquavit, Canton ginger liquer, Fernet-Branca, ginger ale


Apex at Montage: The S’mores Martini. Bailey’s Irish cream, vodka, cocoa and graham cracker.


Cinnabar Lounge, Snowbasin: The Basin Hot Cocoa. Pinnacle whipped vodka, crème de cacao, Frangelico, hot cocoa, whipped cream, nutmeg


The Farm at Canyons: The Chocolated Milk. Patron, Navan, Godiva, farm-fresh milk, Farm Buttered Rum, Sailor Jerry’s Run, house-churned butter and spices


Honeycomb Grill, Solitude Resort: The Honeycomb Toddy. Jack Daniels, Barenjager Honey liqueur

High West Distillery: The Western Apple: High West Double Rye, Calvados, Hot Cider, honey syrup, lemon juice, cinnamon tincture, cinnamon stick


If you have a favorite, please share!