Cold Snow, Hot Laps

By Powderhound Cat Feb 28, 2013
The Second Rule of Weekend Warrior Club: LET EVERYBODY KNOW you're a weekend warrior. Other ways to do this include showing up at 9AM, skiing til 4PM, grabbing a giant lunch and drinks, and celebrating the weather and adventures with a ton (A TON) of skiing.
Cold Snow, Hot Laps

Weekend warriors: Do you ski bell to bell? Bright and early? The advantage of an alarm for this day job thing is Saturday isn't a snooze fest for me! 7 days a week I'm on track to get up and get out the door. This weekend I met up with some new friends to ski Deer Valley. Our mission was serious: major vert, major hot laps, major fun. There was, of course, some fun fresh Greatest Snow on Earth® out there waiting for us.

The Play by Play:

We started up Sterling, hit Mayflower, cruised Stein's I lost count how many times (such a great run) and only stopped for photos ops and "is it on" goPro set ups. From there it was across Birdseye to Quincy, Hawkeye Trees to Woodside, the sneaky fast access to Lady Morgan. You can't beat this plan, traversal of the resort side to side. From there is was hot laps on Magnet, in the trees on "MARGUS" (between Magnet and Argus) and then it was time to hit Empire. After Anchor Trees, lunch time on Ski Beach!

We were rolling 10+ deep and it was bright and sunny. The beach was the obvious choice. A few Chasing Tail beers, some gourmet sandwiches and turkey chili, and we split up. Some people had responsibilities and college bball to watch, the rest of us wanted more skiing.

Flagstaff Mountain was so soft and empty we did two runs each in turn on Sidewinder, Hawkeye, and Lost Boulder before heading towards cars. All in all we headed home right before 4 with some giggly happy grins and sore legs. We hit the mountain hard all day. Here's another fun, silly, partying video of the way I like to unwind after a stressful week. Enjoy!

I shared this play-by-play as open season on me and my ski day style - how did we do? What's your routine for a perfect weekend day like this? Share your tips with the huge Ski Utah community!

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat