Cool ski tech for kids

By Yeti Mar 5, 2013
We are the PowderTwins and are using our 6th Grade Passports to ski Utah’s 14 resorts this season. Want to hear about some technology that will make the day even more fun?

Hi everyone, this is Jacob.  Ski technology keeps on getting better and better.  Not just the ski gear and clothes, but actual technology.  Kids these days have iPhones and want real technology to make their powder days even more memorable.  Here are some of my favorite finds –

• GoPro. A GoPro is helmet camera that lets us film while were skiing. We use our GoPro to make ski videos, and you can see some here.   It’s always fun to see how cool a jump was after you get home.  Just be careful – you don’t want to do something dumb just to get a cool video.  Check out this guy who is wearing a GoPro, loses it off a jump, and then causes an avalanche! 

• SloPro: I just bought on app on my iPhone called SloPro.  SloPro lets you film a video and put it into slow and fast motion. You can also film your friends skiing and make them look cool in slow motion.  It’s a lot of fun to play with while having lunch on the mountain – check out this cool SloPro ski video here from the Utah Olympic Park.

• Ski Tracks: This is my favorite ski iPhone app.  Ski Tracks lets you track where you ski, how fast you ski, and how far you ski.  A cool feature is it lets you track your top speed.  My friends and I sometimes have a competition to see who can get the highest top speed.  Last week I used it at Snowbasin to race down the same run they did the Men’s Downhill on during the 2002 Olympics.  I got to 44.9 MPH and WAS FLYING….but during the Olympics there were going over 80 MPH!!!  

• Remember, it's all about the snow. The Ski Utah app shows every single of inch that falls at any of Utah's 14 resorts.

• Neck Gators: Can this be ski technology?  I don’t care.  They are awesome.  If you are a kid try wearing two of them.  They are old school technology that really helps on a cold day.

I hope this is helpful for kids out there like me that like to have cool technology with them while they ski.  What new technology should we try?  With all the new snow in Utah the past couple of weeks I cannot wait to go again this weekend.  
And if you live in Utah, it’s still not too late to get a 5th or 6th grade Passport.  They are so great – I’ve skied 10 resorts this year on this single pass.  You can get more details here.