Crater swimming and Sunday brunching at The Homestead Resort - Midway, UT

By Bob Winter Mar 23, 2009
Kick back and relax at The Homestead Resort near Park City Utah. Spend your time soaking and relaxing in the warm water of the crater after a long day of skiing.
Crater swimming and Sunday brunching at The Homestead Resort - Midway, UT

A short hop from the Park City area is The Homestead Resort.  Located in Midway, UT, the resort in about a 20 minute drive from Park City and is well worth a trip.  Midway has a lot of old-world Swiss charm and The Homestead is a picture perfect example of what the town has to offer.

img_51611-112x150 (img_51611-112x150)After a few days of skiing (and a drained hot tub where we were staying), I was ready for a good soak.  We decide to head over to the Crater for a dip.  The water was warm and inviting, allowing us to spend about an hour soaking up our surroundings.  The Crater's water temp was in the mid-90s helping us to rest the joints and observe those around us as scuba divers practiced technique in the 55 ft deep swimming hole.  Well worth the trip for anyone interested.  But don't forget your towels like I did.  The cold air outside takes some getting used to from the warm water.

img_5162-450x337 (img_5162-450x337)

We also decided to check out the Sunday Brunch and weren't disappointed.  There was plenty of food to be had and a great variety for everyone.  I personally enjoyed the pesto chicken and fresh croissants.  The restaurant had a wonderful ambiance with the piano player in the background.  Everyone in our party left with a full stomach ready for another day of skiing in Utah.

img_5187-450x337 (img_5187-450x337)

If you want to find out more about swimming/diving in the Crater or its Sunday Brunch give them a call at 1-888-327-7220.