Creamy Pow Deluxe at Alta

By Tim Roberts Mar 3, 2007

Another ridiculous Pow day! Every day this week has been the best day of the year. The cycle of dumping all night and clearing up during the day has worked out just fine. Today we started out by heading to Rocky Point. With conditions being as perfect as they were, I wasn’t surprised to see that a group of people beat us to the punch, lining up A Frame and a few other nice hucks. Looking for something to huck, we worked our way around the corner and lined up a nice booter over a tree. We were stoked when the tree booter ended up being more fun than the huck we went out there for. Just like the rest of the week, you could send it big into nice soft landings. After a couple of hucks, we decided it was time to make a few untracked creamy Pow laps before heading back inbounds. With several new runs opening, there was plenty of pow for everyone. My buddy Aaron claims he took three runs on Baldy Shoulder without crossing a track. Then in the early afternoon Devils Castle opened up for some ridiculously deep snow. Aaron also said that was his “best run of the year until tomorrow.” It’s tough to imagine the skiing getting better. However, that is what keeps happening. Earlier this week it was dreamy good, and it just keeps dumping and getting better. Even the tracked out runs are staying soft and deep allowing you to open it up anywhere you go. I don’t know what else to say other than GO SKIING! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!