Deep and Blue Bird at Snowbird

By Tim Roberts Mar 1, 2007
Deep and Blue Bird at Snowbird

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Another blue bird pow day! Today I met up with a group of journalists at Snowbird. Their mission was to ski Utah like a local. After breakfast at the Forklift we loaded the tram. On the way up we watched people nuking down Baldy. I could see it was going to be another ridiculously sick day. We started with a lap down the front side. Everyone was giggling over the powder as they ripped the best snow they have ever skied. Then we rode the new Peruvian Express lift up to the Peruvian tunnel, which takes skiers into Mineral Basin on a magic carpet ride.

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We skied right down the middle in the soft chopped up pow before heading towards the Bookends for some untouched turns. Then we broke off into smaller groups, and I was stoked to end up skiing with the guy that wanted to rip the most pow possible. We headed over to the Cirque and skied one of the middle chutes. After a few turns up top I told Nathan just to point it the rest of the way. Then I laid down my figure 11’s and turned around to watch Nathan do the same thing. I love watching people point lines they normally wouldn’t. Especially when you’re not sure if they’re going to hang on. He hung on and skied up to me with a pow-eating grin on his face. Then we skied Road to Pow, officially known as Road to Provo. We traversed until we saw some untracked and hit it up right. There was no point in making too many turns on that one either. When it’s that deep it’s good to just let gravity do it’s thing and bring it down the hill. After that we cruised down to the Atrium in the Cliff Lodge to inhale some food at the buffet. With Nathan itching for more we got back after it and got rid of that last little bit of energy. Then it was time to call it sick and drink a few beers while thinking about how awesome the day was and how awesome tomorrow is going to be. By the way, it’s snowing again!