Deep April powder at Alta

By Mountain Mama Apr 3, 2014
Spring skiing is really some of the best skiing of the year. Tons of powder, no crowds and the deepest bases of the year. My day at Alta was gorgeous with over 2 feet of snow in the first couple days of April.
Deep April powder at Alta

It is not very often I get to sneak in a ski day away from kids.  After a storm cycle for the last 7 days, the resorts have picked up between 10"-30"+ of snow.  A lot of the resorts, including Alta, have bases over 100".  The start of this winter was quite slow, but in the last month, the jet stream has shifted and the storms have been hitting Utah hard.  I'm not a hard core "powderhound" like my fellow blogger Matt, but I enjoy fluffing on through the deep pow.  It's just the video you get from me will be the gentle ride up the lift, which is peaceful and quiet.  Which as a Mom, can be just as exciting as a big powder shot-silence.

When I told my kids I was heading out to enjoy the pow at Alta, they were not happy to be going to school.  In fact, my Brennan-"I'm never getting on skis again since I'm now a boarder" wanted to go so bad he said "It's OK, I'll go to Alta."  What?  Alta is one of the few places that doesn't allow snowboarding,  and Bren was willing to strap on skis!  See, even the little guys get powder fever.  

I get a chance to experience my own powder runs.  Off the top of Sugarloaf lift on the trek to the Collins lift....powder, untouched!  My tracks aren't quite as pretty as the others, but the story remains, I got fresh powder runs due to the lack of crowds. And yes, I gave a little hoot as I went down. There are lines of people hitting all the backcountry stuff off Devils Castle and other areas, I think I'll hang on the groomed runs.  If you are doing some of the easier runs, check out the Ske-ology signs.  It is like a little treasure hunt on the mountain.  They are signs hanging on the trees that have a lot of info on animals, the environment and the watershed that makes up Utah's mountains.  It is a fun thing to do with the kids, and you can learn a little as well.

Reasons you need to still come to Utah:

1. Spring powder storms are still rolling in-the next one late Friday.

2. No lines at all.

3. It is not too cold, so you don't need to pack every jacket you own.

4. Deals are starting to pop up.  

5.  Many resorts are still open for another 2-4 weeks.

6. And you can take fabulous videos like me

If you are looking for some gear, I went into Ski' N See today and they have tons of clothing 50% off!  Great time to stock up for next year.  So, if there is a great airfare deal out there, come on out!