Deep at Deer Valley

By Tim Roberts Dec 18, 2006

Seventeen inches in 24 hours. That was enough snow to get my roommate Aaron Broege to wake up early and start yelling and celebrating. As we loaded the Carpenter Lift he yelled, “Yeaaah Pow! I haven’t been in it yet, but I think it’s gonna be sick!” A few minuets later we confirmed that indeed it was sick. We rode the Quincy Express lift over to Ontario Bowl. On the traverse over to the bowl we saw some lines in the trees that were too tempting to pass up. We dropped in, and it was deep, untracked creamy Pow deluxe. The next run we skied the bowl itself. It was so deep that turning was pretty much optional. We made a few more laps in Ontario before blasting some lines skiers left and right under the Quincy lift. It was chopped up Pow with no firm spots to be found. There were soft spots and softer spots. Then our buddy Greg Golding took us to the Red Cloud Lodge for Talisker owners for a warm drink. It’s a cool little lodge that you wouldn’t find unless you knew where it was. We then headed back out and hit some lines off the Sterling and Wasatch lifts. With the snow as good as it was we knew that we had to get airborne. Skier’s left in the trees off Wasatch Express was a nice booter that someone had built out of logs. We hit it a few times before finally getting too tired to ski anymore. Then Greg took us to the Promontory Club in Silver Lake Village for some warm cookies and cold beer. We relaxed by the fire as we talked about how much fun we just had. Not quite willing to call it a night, we scored some complimentary Swiss fondue, drank some German beer, and watched football at the bar at the Goldener Hirsch Inn. Tomorrow Deer Valley will open Empire for plenty of untracked Pow.
Today Aaron also rocked out to his new iPod that he won at the Podski party at the Sidecar in Park City. Podski is a new ski lesson company that has step-by-step video ski lessons you can download to your iPod. For more info check out

Check out this camera phone photo of the powder beards sported by me, Greg (left) and Aaron (right).