Deer Valley Lodging at Motel Prices

By Kendall Jan 6, 2009
Deer Valley Lodging at Motel Prices

lodges-at-deervalley1-150x100 (lodges-at-deervalley1-150x100)For me, Deer Valley is one of those places I love to visit for a day of skiing but my pocket book won't even consider the price of staying there.  I know, I'm in the wrong business to consider a vacation stay. While there are ways to ease the blow to the bank account when headed to Deer Valley (early lift ticket locals book prices, Snowpark Lodge locals dining card), deals and Deer Valley don't really go hand-in-hand.

Then I caught a wiff of this deal from Deer Valley Lodging - $99 a night to stay at either the Lodges at Deer Valley or the Silver Baron Lodge.  I thought for sure it was a typo, but after some checking it's the real deal.

Don't think a motel costs $99 a night?  Without opening up an old wound and pouring in a pint of lemon juice, I can tell you from an unfortunate Park City President's Day get-away gone bad that the even the most grimy road side motel in a surrounding community will set you back a Ben Franklin.

lodges-at-deervalley-400x600 (lodges-at-deervalley-400x600)
I think I could get used to hanging out there after a day of skiing

On top of the rock bottom rate, you also get a free hearty hot breakfast (think Snow Park Lodge style), free in-room WiFi, free shuttle service to and from the resorts and town.

Seriously, where's the catch?  Ok, so it's double occupancy, but still at $198 a night for a slice of lodging paradise I'm thinking locals should be participating in a little economic stimulation in Deer Valley.

Speaking of locals and deals, if you do score this deal with Deer Valley Lodging be in the know and get your lift tickets in the Salt Lake valley at a shop like Canyon Sports.  You'll likely save enough to pay for lunch on the hill.

Book the Deer Valley Lodging deal and stay before February 11.