Deer Valley - World Class Defined

By Jake Jan 18, 2008
Deer Valley - World Class Defined

dsc01799 (dsc01799)What do you get when you combine world class terrain, world class accommodations and a lot of forest green jackets? Deer Valley of course! Deer Valley, for a long time now, has been on my radar for resorts to ski. I will admit, for how long i have been living, and skiing in Utah, that I have never been to Deer Valley. After my visit last weekend though, I am forever changed.

Deer Valley is at the east end of the Park City valley. Tucked into the hills lies an amazing resort with enough varied terrain to suit any skier. I spent the day skiing with my dad, and it was quickly decided that the new terrain that was available from the Lady Morgan express would be a great place to start the day. We rode a few lifts and took a few short runs to get to the far side of the mountain from that lift, and then eagerly, and anxiously boarded the lift.

The area surrounding the Lady Morgan lift reminded me a lot of the area around the Millicent lift at Brighton. Simply, endless possibilities. If you wanted narrow tree riding, take a few runs like that. If you want a something wide and steep, dial that up. If you are looking to launch, there are plenty of features there that will get you airborne. It It is a great area that had great snow.

Even after the a few hours of heavy powder skiing, the snow remained soft and light. It didn't matter that there may have been a few tracks, it was light and fresh all day. If you are looking for great resort skiing, and amazing lodging and accommodations, look no further than Deer Valley.

Now, I took a bunch of pictures, so I put them into a grouping on Flickr. You can find all of the photos here.

As a side note too, I took some video, and a lot of it was really good, but the best clip was of me skiing. I am not really one to boast my abilities, but I was really shredding, and I got some great footage dropping this huge cliff. Make sure to watch this clip.. ;)

I was being sarcastic up there... Just for the record.