Different Sides of Powder Mountain

By Tele Tony Jan 27, 2022
Pow Mow has something for everyone from Groomer Gary to Cat Ski Catherine and Stellar Dendrite Sam to Low-Key Larry.
 Different Sides of Powder Mountain

I’ve heard it called "the best kept secret in Utah," but those who know, know. With 8,464 acres of terrain blanketed by 500-plus inches of snow each season, Powder Mountain is a sleeping giant hiding in plain sight. With a name like Powder Mountain, the resort better deliver the goods and it does. Copious snowfall combined with expansive skiable terrain means you’re never going to be bumping elbows fighting for fresh turns, but there’s more to Pow Mow than just snorkel-aided skiing and snowboarding.  

Powder Mountain has a unique vibe that stands out in an increasingly uniform ski universe, including “base areas” on top of the mountain and lodges with food and beverage prices that won’t have your jaw hitting the floor. It feels like the hallowed resorts of a bygone era combined with just enough modern amenities to keep pace. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. With an incredible array of varied skiing and snowboarding on tap and a mellow mood, take the trip north of Salt Lake City and enjoy the different sides of Powder Mountain.   

Gary Groomer 

Your friends call you the Cruise Missile, Tom Cruise, Or Penelope Cruz depending on the mood, and all the nicknames fit because nothing gets you excited like arcing big turns down a groomer while pushing your edge bevel to the max.


Hardpack may be considered the polar opposite of powder, but the dreamy corduroy snaking down the fall line at Powder Mountain is sublime. For the ultimate top-to-bottom full pull, take Lodge Trail to Sidewinder to Rendezvous for an endless carve-a-palooza from Hidden Lake Lodge all the way to the bottom of Paradise Lift. Whether you’re a racer at heart or just looking for some high-G shenanigans during a rare bout of high pressure, the groomers at Powder Mountain will deliver.

A quick stop to refuel at the Powder Mountain Timberline Cafeteria is the only thing that can slow you down on the mountain.

Cat Ski Catherine

You relish the steep and deep, and you put it on the line chasing extra degrees of slope angle and extra inches of pow. Turn the dial to 11, because Powder Mountain’s cat skiing sounds pretty good right about meow.  


Cat skiing at Pow Mow doesn’t require a full week’s salary for a full day of bumps to the top. Single cat rides are only $25 each ($20 for season pass holders). That attainable price gives you access to an array of ungroomed, expert terrain ranging from plummeting chutes and spines descending from Lightning Ridge and Rain Tree to relatively easier bowls with perfect for surfy powder turns. There are even guided cat skiing expeditions for those who don’t mind ponying up a bit extra for someone to help you find the hero stashes.

Après at the Powder Mountain Powder Keg to share a beverage with new friends you meet in the cat and see how your dance moves translate while wearing ski boots.

Stellar Dendrite Sam

Dreams of bottomless turns haunt your dreams and occupy your waking thoughts. That’s not an entirely unique mindset, but I can’t blame you. You’re a powder hunter, and powder is in the name. Let’s not overthink it.


Powder Mountain gets absolutely hammered with snow each winter, which is why there’s nary a snowmaking gun in sight. There are seas of powder to be explored at Pow Mow. Vast swaths of ungroomed terrain descend from the ridge below Paradise and up in Powder Country, holding plenty of stashes for face shots well after the storm subsides.

No breaks on a powder day, so duck into the Powder Mountain Hidden Lake Cantina for some delectable Mexican food to eat on your next lift ride to the top.

Low-Key Larry

The hustle and bustle of the mega-pass isn’t for you. You want some peaceful powder and solitude while soul shredding. Look no further.


Don’t worry about bumping elbows and crossing tracks with other powder hounds because Powder Mountain limits capacity to 1,500 daily tickets and 3,000 season passes. That’s around three acres of terrain per skier on a busy day, so there’s plenty of room to breathe. In keeping with the authentic, independent vibe, Powder Mountain has partnered with the Indy Pass. No mega-chain coffee shops or overstuffed faux European villages here, just some quaint lodges with sensibly priced grub.

The absence of mega ski hotels makes for a relaxing lodging experience with quiet, slope-side rental condos that are the perfect place to take the family or have a reunion with friends away from it all. Grab a pizza to go from Powder Mountain Lucky Slice Pizza to enjoy back at your digs after kicking off the ski boots.