Double Dipping...

By Burritos and Snow Jan 2, 2013
Why just ride at one resort when Utah's night riding options make it easy to push an epic day into an epic night, no matter where you are.
Double Dipping...

Sometimes a day of riding is so good that you just don’t want to call it when the lifts shut down. The best thing about riding along the Wasatch is the proximity of the resorts, and that no matter where you are, night riding is close by. Sometimes we like to mix it up by riding one resort during the day and another at night, we like to call this Double Dipping. Toss in some great food choices and your day (and evening) is set. Here is a quick guide for wherever you may be along the Wasatch…


Salt Lake/Cottonwoods

solitude brighton


Ride Solitude by day for great free riding, and then pop over to Brighton for nighttime park laps. Solitude and Brighton are less than two miles from each other so this keeps the traveling at a minimum. Brighton has the largest night riding in Utah as well. For food options hit up The Silver Fork Lodge just below Solitude or check out Molly Greens at Brighton.


Park City

can pcmr

Shred Canyons Resort during the day and then Park City Mountain Resort at night. Enjoy a day at Canyons, one of the largest resorts in North America. Then as the day ends drive back into town and get in some laps at PCMR. Both resorts have numerous food options or you can partake in a local eatery in downtown PC like Devansa’s for a quick bite before heading back out to the slopes.


Ogden/Northern Utah

snowbasin wolf powmow

Hit up Snowbasin during the day for their amazing steeps, and then either Wolf Mountain or Powder Mountain for evening laps. Admittedly this option involves the most driving with the resorts being about 30-45 minutes from each but with no lodging options at Snowbasin chances are you are coming back to Ogden anyways so make the extra trip. If you don’t want to drive up the canyon to Powder Mountain, Wolf Mountain is a great alternative and will give you plenty of fun on the cheap. If you do want to head up to Powder you will be rewarded with one of the greatest sunset shred views in Utah atop the not so coincidently named Sunset Lift. There are food options along the way in both Eden or Huntsville but Snowbasin locals will tell you to get some of the amazing Tomato Bisque Soup there before heading down.


The easy access to all of Utah’s resorts makes doubling up an easy and fun option. It is fun to turn that long lunch into a new adventure in which you grab a bite to eat and switch resorts. Changing venues gets that stoke level back up and you will find yourself ready to get back on the hill. It also makes for a great story to tell when you get back home to all those poor saps that spent their vacation cleaning out the gutters and organizing the garage…