Endless Winter in Utah's Mountain

By Powderhound Matt May 19, 2011
Another powerful storm has delivered over 20 inches of snow to the upper Cottonwood Canyons and the storm is only half way over.
Endless Winter in Utah's Mountain

Storm totals are quickly approaching two feet of new snow at the top of Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. It's as if this winter or should I say, our Endless Winter simply just doesn't want to quit here in Utah. Snowbird's year to date snowfall in now over 735 inches and I would have to assume Alta has to be north of 750", maybe even 760".

The current forecast suggests that another 10" to 20" inches of snow could fall on the Wasatch by Friday afternoon! You know what that means, powder day at Snowbird come Friday morning. 

Today, after skinning to the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon we skied two great shots that I've personally never skied before. The snow was great in both Big and Little Cottonwood and today's adventure only fueled the fire to get out and do some more touring. Thanks to Jim Harris for showing me the way and Bekah Stevens from Park City Powder Cats for taking some more great photos. 


On Thursday I expect to be back up at Alta but come Friday morning, I think it's safe to say you'll find myself along with the rest of Utah's Powderhounds up at Snowbird. See you out there.


Here is what things looked like on Tuesday up at Deer Valley. Thanks again Bekah for the great photo. 

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