Epic Full Moon Crest Mountain Bike Ride

By Powderhound Matt Jul 2, 2015
How does one beat the 100 degree heat hear in Utah? Try riding some of Utah’s most epic mountain bike trails at sundown. I’ll give you the low down on how to conquer the Wasatch Crest Trail at Dusk.
Epic Full Moon Crest Mountain Bike Ride

Start from the base of Park City Mountain Resort. From here use your Epic Pass or buy a single ride pass for the Crescent Chair Lift. Single rides cost about $15 but check out the link above. The Crescent Chair runs late into the evening. 7pm is last chair so be sure to arrive around 6:50 to secure a spot. When you arrive at the top of the chair temperatures will be a good 10 degrees cooler than they are down in town and probably  about 25 degrees cooler than down in Salt Lake, so you may want to pack a light Jacket with you. For instance, when we road the trail on Wednesday, temperatures were hovering around 100 degrees in SLC. Upon our completion of Puke Hill temperatures where in the mid 60s. The following link will show you our entire course plotted on a topographic map using the Strava Application. Download the free version and follow me, then you’ll be able to see my turn by turn directions of the entire trail. 


Now, for a ride that starts this late in the day, it is super important to have a good biking headlamp because you will be descending in total darkness. Last night we had the benefit of the Full Moon on our side, but even that isn’t bright enough to ensure adequate riding conditions. I can’t emphasize enough how important a good light is.  And no, you can’t use your camping head lamp! It just wont cut it. Our entire crew was running the Taz 1200 or Taz 1500 made by Light and Motion. I threw an additional SECA 1400 on my helmet which made me feel like I was illuminating the entire forest on the way down. It was all time! 

Here is more information on the Light and Motion brand brought to you by my friend and Local Pro Mountain Biker Nate Miller.