First Burton Snowboard

By Yeti Nov 15, 2011
Check out the reaction caught on film as a four-year-old from Salt Lake receives his first Burton Snowboard. Maybe his life will be changed forever?
First Burton Snowboard

Why is it that we all understand the common currency of powder? Skiers and snowboarders share a passion for their sport that even rivals football in the South.  Whether it was a specific conversation, family influence, picture, movie premiere or event, we all remember that moment when we knew we’d be riding chairlifts for the rest of our lives in search of powder.  

That “moment” was caught on film last week as a four-year-old from Salt Lake City received his first Burton Snowboard. This board is set up with the Riglet Reel tow system which will make this young snowboarder's life and his parent's easier at first on the snow.  


Do you have a specific memory or experience when you knew that you were hooked?