First significant storm moving in!

By Mountain Mama Nov 8, 2012
Meteorology is a science and predicting the weather is a bit of an art. Looking to the northwest for our storms in Utah is what we do. Friday through the weekend looks like a great storm to set the stage for the resorts!
First significant storm moving in!

A couple weeks ago, we had our first winter storm of the season.  I got out with the kids and they took their first turns of the season.  That was a comes the real deal!  All those white dots from Canada to the Washington coast indicate a storm brewing.  The National Weather Service has their Winter Storm Watches posted 2 days before the storm!  Impressive!!  In looking at all the squiggly lines (yes, I think I just made that term up), there is a deep trough forming over Utah.  That is a good thing for a deep, slower moving storm.  When we see that "dip" over Utah, it allows cold air to sink through the state.  When a cold front is going to move through the entire state, it means it is pushing the warm air out and setting up camp for a few days. 

In looking at a storm we look for:

1. How deep the trough is

2. How much moisture is available

3. How strong the  "dynamics" are. (this is the energy that will give the air the lift to generate and tap the moisture)

Conclusion:  Should be a good 48 hour push of all the above and may be the push for resort be continued next week on that!

After spending time hiking in Moab last weekend in our shorts, we'll be heading to the mountains in deep snow this weekend.  Such is fall in Utah! In the meantime, Brennan has a new snowboard that is longer and cooler than ever with Yoda on the front. And Emily said she's dusting off her skis and going as well.  Mom...well I'll just lug everything up the mountain and stand there and take pictures.