Fresh Tracks at Solitude

By Tim Roberts Dec 7, 2006

Honeycomb is open! I rode the Sunshine chair up, and then skied over to the Summit chair. At the top of the Summit chair is the start of the Honeycomb traverse. On the traverse I noticed a lot of good lines but I kept going until I found an untracked line with my name on it. I dropped in and cruised the Pow. It’s always good when you can ski inbounds Pow even though it has not snowed for a week. Honeycomb was well shaded keeping the snow nice and soft. After my run I got on the Honeycomb return lift and then skied back over to the bottom of the Sunshine chair for another lap. Each lap takes a few lift rides, but it sure beats hiking. The gate skiers left of the Sunshine chair and the backcountry gate left of the Summit chair were also open. With most of the lower mountain tracked out I decided to stick to Honeycomb for the rest of the day. With all lifts now running and very little skier traffic, Solitude is a great place to find fresh snow.