Fresh Tracks for Days at the Beav

By Kendall Jan 4, 2009
Fresh Tracks for Days at the Beav

When its game time (first chair on a powder day) at some resorts in Utah you've got to bring the A Game or you'll be skiing sloppy seconds. At other places you can farm freshies two even three days after a storm if you know where to look.

The Beav, otherwise known as Beaver Mountain in Northern Utah, is one of those places that powder lingers. I've skied up there in the past and been dumbfounded at why there was still untracked lines after 11am. Plunder and pillage, leave no line unskied is so often my M.O. that I felt a hint, just a hint of guilt after my 10th lap of fresh lines. This is my public apology to the locals.

With no time for photos, here is the shot of the day.

beaver-mountain-1-4-08-450x300 (beaver-mountain-1-4-08-450x300)

The cold temps may have kept the crowds at home around the fireplace but it also kept the powder light and fluffy, lap after lap.

I'm telling you, it's worth the drive to check it out, even a day or two after a powder day.