From the Midwest to the Mountain West: Snowbird First-timers

By Jason Jan 11, 2009
From the Midwest to the Mountain West: Snowbird First-timers

Living in Utah has more privileges than I can count on all the fingers and toes in my household (we've got an even 100). Because we recognize how awesome it is to live and ski in Utah, we do our best to spread the word to extended family--encouraging them to come out for a ski vacation

This week, three teenage Minnesotans showed up at the airport--eager for their first time on Utah's slopes. Their regular hill is Great Bear Recreation Park in Sioux Falls, SD--all 200 vertical feet of it.  I've skied there with them and it's a surprisingly-vibrant ski scene, but nothing compared to what goes on here in Utah.

With eyes as big as dinner plates, these guys snapped pictures of every mountain in sight. "Jason, what's that mountain's name? Jason, where are the ski resorts?" These endless questions were then followed by, "This is unbelievable!"

After they had a great day of riding just the three of them at Sundance on Friday, I was anxiously planning to show them the ropes at Snowbird today to let them get a taste for Utah's gnarliest terrain and to experience the 3200 jello-leg-inducing vertical feet.

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You've got to remember that these kids live in America's heartland, but love snowboarding with a passion. This was a trip of a lifetime and Utah's ski resorts are the perfect playground--stuff these kid's dreams are made of.

The conditions at Snowbird were outstanding and the crew had an absolute blast. Without question, this has been the greatest snowboarding experience of their lives. The smiles on their faces were hard to miss.

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Sharing the stoke of Utah skiing and specifically showing the awesome terrain at Snowbird is a ton of fun.  Who are you going to share it with?