From the mouth of babes..."Come on out to Utah!"

By Mountain Mama Oct 30, 2014
With ski season just around the corner, it is time to get the legs in shape! There is no better way than to enjoy Utah's mountains in the fall and do some serious hiking. Emily and Brennan do a big hike, and give you their person welcome to "Come on out to Utah".
From the mouth of babes..."Come on out to Utah!"

I'm back!  I can't believe it, but this is year 6 blogging for Ski Utah!!  It started back in 2009 when my kids were 2 and 4. (sniff sniff) and they were ready for Halloween.  Here we are 6 years later with kids ages 7 and 9 ready to tackle the mountain and ready to ski/board!

Since we are "in between" season where fall sports are ending and skiing has not quite started, I still need to keep Emily and Brennan going.  I am a big hiker, my kids can be as well, but will complain like any other kid when given the chance.  I push them harder than most parents because I know they can do it.  So on this day in October, we headed to Lake Blanche.  Lake Blanche is a hike I would not recommend to just anyone-unless you want to see them sweat. It is not a really long hike, but it has amazing vertical in a short distance.  To the tune of 2700' in just under 3 miles.  Of course I didn't tell the kids..I know, mean Mom.  Nearly 6 mile round trip with 2700' vertical, that'll get those quads burning!

When hiking with kids:

-lots of snacks

-a BIG reward at the top

-an extra jacket

-a camelback filled with water

-suncreen, even in October

-hiking boots


We play the A,B,C game: come up with a subject- such as nature items- and everyone takes a turn with the alphabet.  Spot things in the forest, listen for birds, and of course I Spy.  

It all worked and after a few tears, "my legs hurt", "I want to go home", we made it.  I secretly was bursting with pride.  This is not an easy hike and my legs were a bit pooped.  There were only a handful of people up there, but the kids made a video just for you and is also a glimpse into the personalities of both!



With that said, the first cold storm of the season swings in late Saturday.  This will bring some good snow to the mountains through Monday.  Not the season opener quite yet, but we go!

If you have any "Mom" questions for me, please reach out this season, let me know your tips and what subjects you would like to see through this season.  And I'm looking for Mountain Moms who want to ski without kiddies!!