Fun things for kids to do after skiing

By Yeti Feb 8, 2013
We are the PowderTwins and are using our 6th Grade Passports to ski Utah’s 14 resorts this season. After a fun day at skiing, what should a kid do next? Here are some ideas.
Fun things for kids to do after skiing

Hi everyone, this is Anna.  I just got back from skiing at Snowbird and it was SOOO good.  I love how you can take a tunnel through the mountain and ski the other side.  That mountain is so big I think I can ski there a whole week and not hit every run.
And if you are going on a weeklong ski vacation, what can you do when you are done skiing?  Parents prefer boring things like shopping and eating, but here are some much better ideas for kids.

•Build a Snow Cave:  With so much snow in the mountains, there is plenty of snow to build a cool place to hang out and have snowball fights around.  All you have to do is pack the snow down as much as you can, and start digging. 
•Try Snowmobiling:  This is amazing to try.  There are great trails and rental places by most of the ski resorts in Utah.  You can go with an instructor who teaches you how to do it.  Just make sure you listen carefully or you’ll be like my brother who decided to hit a tree – good thing the tree and my bro were both OK.
•Go Ice Skating:   If you can ski, you can learn to ice skate pretty quickly.  It’s cheap to do, and really fun with a big group of friends.  Grab hot chocolate afterwards.  
Have a snowman-making competition: The great think about Utah powder is it is so light and dry.  The bad thing is that it makes building snowmen hard because that fluffy snow does not pack easily.  But if you pack hard enough it will eventually stick.  Our neighbor just made a 10 foot tall snowman, so you can build crazy things.  
•Go Snowshoeing: Last week my Dad took my brother and I snowshoeing.  There was so much snow we could go right behind out house in the woods and hills.  There are a lots of marked paths and trails around the ski resorts that you can take.  Go find some little cliffs to jump off into deep snow and you’ll have a blast.  

I hope these ideas are helpful.  What do you like to do after skiing?