Future Olympians

By Powderhound Cat Feb 19, 2014
Just not the sport you may think...
Future Olympians

So the weather is crazy and the family was visiting with hurt injured bodies after one day of skiing and we needed some fun.

If you can believe it - there is open curling in Park City and we went and it is AWESOME.

Don't get me wrong, the main takeaways for me were that ice is slippery and scoring is impossible. Tons of strategy! It was so cool to try something new and celebrate our Olympic heritage in a quite different manner. There was a lot to learn and the tie flew by but we had a blast!

There's a lot of skill and planning and thought involved and I didn't really get that far. But I did get to practice my sweeping. Go go gadget triceps.

I would HIGHLY recommend the experience from the wonderful people there that love their sport and sharing it if you get the chance.


*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat