Gearing Up For Ski Season at Level Nine Sports

By Yeti Dec 14, 2020
Get outfitted at Level 9 Sports offering great service and both new and used gear for skiing and riding.
Gearing Up For Ski Season at Level Nine Sports

Annnnnnd...we’re off! Ski season is officially underway and the mountains are calling for some therapeutic social distancing adventures this year. This winter is different from any others that we have experienced and we need the outdoors to reset us, both physically and mentally. Fortunately, the experts at Level 9 Sports (L9) have a team that can outfit anyone with the best ski and snowboard gear to make this winter the best one yet.

I took my growing tween to L9 to get her fitted for skis and boots a few weeks ago. Disclaimer: we have gone the thrifty route of collecting and trading ski gear with friends and family through the years. This has worked out great in the past, but we ran out of options this season and took it to L9 to help us out. My family attended their annual “Swaptober” event last year and were successfully outfitted with new helmets, goggles and gloves. Naturally, we wanted to go back for our new gear needs.

We stopped by the Millcreek location and were greeted with friendly, gear-headed experts. The staff at L9 love talking to their customers and sharing their knowledge. Their customer service team knows the products inside and out and are ready to assist with any questions you may have regarding their equipment or services. Specializing in ski, snowboard and bike gear, L9 offers gently-used consignment and new products from top brands. Their business helps keep gear out of landfills and opens outdoor opportunities for people who can’t afford new gear or don’t want to invest in it.


Our ski-fitting guru, Grace, asked us the important questions - “What is your ability level? What type of conditions do you want the skis for? Do you already have any ideas about what you’re looking for?” Before recommending a product, they assess the customer’s experience level, budget and tastes. The vast array of gear options offered can get confusing and overwhelming, but the professionals at L9 steered us in the right direction. Their philosophy is to allow everyone to access their own adventure on the slopes without breaking the bank.

Grace took a few measurements and introduced us to their signature house brand, Defiance Sports. The Defiance Pro Junior Ski Package is built for kids that are stepping up their game all over the mountain, featuring twin tip, wider profile skis and adjustable ski boots. If you have kiddos with growing feet, or multiple kids that may need to swap boots, there is absolutely no better ski boot. This package looks good and grows with your little ripper.


If you are going to go the rental route, daily and seasonal options are available and come complete with skis, boots and poles for the entire family. Can't decide on what new set-up is absolutely best for you? They have a massive selection of demo skis available to rent throughout the winter season.


L9 has four destination-worthy stores in Utah, spanning from Orem to Ogden and the neighboring ski resorts. They also do a good chunk of business online, so make sure to visit their website for hundreds of options and deals on the latest state-of-the-art ski, snowboard, bike and SUP equipment. Skilled technicians perform a range of services, rounding-out the true ski/bike shop experience. Stop in and consult with a tech about what you need and to get an estimate.

We left the store with high quality, affordable gear and a very excited 12-year-old who is ready to hit the slopes!

This post is sponsored by Level 9 Sports.