Get a Job!

By Tim Roberts Oct 13, 2008

We all know that the economy is rough right now.  And finding a job in a down economy can be hard.  Especially when you're trying to find a job that you can balance with snowboarding.  If you've never thought about working at a resort, now is the time to consider this option.  Here's why:

1) A FREE SEASON PASS - duh, do I even need to say this.

2) Lunch Breaks on the slopes.

3) A paycheck - usually not much of one, but hey you'll be able to afford McDonalds.


I've worked at the resorts for almost 8 years, you might even say I still work at the resorts.  But, that's besides the point.  I've done everything from bumping chairs to managing a crew of kids.  Here's what I've learned from some of the jobs I've done.

Lift Op/Ticket Checker - Not a bad job, but, you'll have to get over all the dudes getting on the chair telling you how sick it is right now.  You'll get yours, but, you'll have to get patient.  Being a lift op usually results in quite a bit of riding time, hopefully getting some goods before the public, and being the first on the hill and the last off.  Another hidden benefit is the great views while working the top shack.  This is one job you don't really do for the money, you do it because you love shredding pow.

Ticket Sales - Usually pays a little better and has the best ride breaks.  You'll have to sit out a lot of first chairs for this job, but, if you're off the clock by 10am or Noon, you're loving it.  You can ride every single day or just powder days if you want to.  Also, you're inside and warm.

Mountain Host - Doesn't pay at all, but that's not the point.  Minimal responsibilities and a free pass.  Does it get any better than this?

Management - One season I managed a crew of kids on the hill and it was the worst season of my life.  Too many headaches and too much of work intruding on my shred time.  There's nothing like getting ready to drop into a sick run only to have your radio start squawking at you about how Billy hasn't gotten his lunch break because Sally couldn't make it up the canyon that day.  If I learned anything it's that the less responsibility in your resort job the better.  You're not going to get paid much regardless of your position so focus on the fun.

Well, you're probably asking "How can I find one of these jobs?"  Well, that's the easy part.  Right now all resorts are hiring for the upcoming season and are holding job fairs.  Check this page to get a hold of the individual resorts HR departments. Also, many resorts and other Ski Utah members are posting their listings on the brand new  Check it out and GET A JOB!  IF it's a job that gets you on your board, you won't regret it.