Getting There: Off The Beaten Path

By Powderhound Cat Dec 7, 2010
Getting There: Off The Beaten Path

So we're almost done in my little series here - I've told you my brief summary for each resort, then gone in depth to give you a little better feel about the Cottonwoods, Park City, and Ogden. See what I did there - linked back to all those posts - now you have a handy way to get all that stellar information.

Now all that is left are the "off the beaten path" resorts: Beaver Mountain, Brian Head, Eagle Point, and Sundance.

It's not a secret that these resorts tend to be smaller (it's hard to think of 400-600+ acres of skiable terrain as 'small' in my mind) - but think of that as a plus. What you might think of as 'small' is often opportunity to pay attention to detail, and ease of accessibility. It took my friends and I an hour to find each other once to eat lunch at a bigger mountain, what a waste! These resorts go the extra mile in customer service - great food, great staff, and events and lodging to make the drive worth it. I'm speaking hypothetically in the case of Eagle Point - no one's been there yet, but I'm confident when I do it'll be a trip to remember - just look at the warming station they've put up:

eagle (eagle)

Some of my best memories have been my road trips as I moved around from state to state. To think now I'll be throwing in some turns makes me really excited to pack up the car again. These resorts boast some of the best snow in the state. And the most reasonable lift ticket prices. Roll all the pluses in and it'll be worth your littles in the back seat singing "are we there yet?".

It's also hard to think of them as that far out of the way - to me Sundance is reasonable from my front door, and from Provo. Eagle Point is near Beaver, my favorite place to stop on the road to Vegas. People drive from WY and ID to get to Beaver Mountain, and Brian Head is so quick from Nevada and Arizona it's surprising it's not more crowded. There's no excuse to not come through Utah from a neighboring state to take advantage of The Greatest Snow on Earth®!

So there you go. So many resorts to choose from even with all my tips I won't be mad if you pick a name out of a hat. You won't have a bad time - I feel confident enough in all our resorts to tell you that. So there. :)


*Let it snow*

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