Getting There: Park City

By Powderhound Cat Dec 2, 2010
Getting There: Park City

Here’s the thing about where I live: you think it’s a ski town. And of course it is. We do have three ski resorts: Park City, Canyons, and Deer Valley. But it’s not a ski town. At least, it’s not JUST a ski town. It’s much, much more. And that’s what the appeal is all about for me.

When I first learned to ski, in a state to the right of me that shall remain nameless, I didn’t get the whole ‘ski town’ thing. I was a Texas girl trying to figure out why guys wore such big pants and why every bar had a jam band. I had my doubts Park City was any different. Then we visited. Now I own a home here. Need I say more?

You should come to Park City. You should fly in to Salt Lake and get a ride up here, or rent a car - it’s such a short drive. You have your pick of award winning skiing at Deer Valley, PCMR, or the Canyons. Fly in early enough and ski for free the same day. How sweet is that? It’s impossible to keep our powder a secret, or our gorgeous resorts, or Sundance. What you might not know is that Park City was a town way before it was a ski town. The rich history of this mining town is on display at our History Museum on Main Street.

If you’ve been lucky enough to come to Park City before, you’ll understand when I tell you I live like a tourist in my new hometown. There is so much more to explore than any other ski town I’ve hung out in. I’d suggest checking out They can get into more detail than you want to read here. Just know that you should be happy to be a tourist. Bring your camera. Nap after you ski, then go out for a dinner. Go to Chimayo, Grappa, Washo. Have drinks at one of our cool bars - Downstairs, No Name Saloon, or Cisero’s. Skate at the Ice Arena. See the UOP - our Olympic Legacy (the museum is free!). Check out some of the ridiculous resorts we apres ski in: The St. Regis, the Montage, the Waldorf Astoria. Don’t be shy. They’ll let you in - they let me! Take the kids bowling at the super trendy Jupiter Bowl. Wander up and down Main Street until your bags are full of tShirts and unique souvenirs.

We lost count after our first 50 guests, many repeat visitors in the last three winters, and we’ve done it all! Every day there’s something new for me to try, so it’s going to be a few vacations before you get even half of this in. That’s okay. We’ll welcome you back with open arms. Right after we’re done with our luge ride.


uop-man-holding-sled-uop (uop-man-holding-sled-uop)


*Let it snow *

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