Gift Guide for Little Skiers

By Adventure Mom Dec 3, 2018
Let’s face it. Purchasing gifts is rarely an easy feat. However when you know what little ones are interested in it can make the task a bit easier. If you are shopping for a little skier in your life, you are in luck! Here is a gift guide for little skiers.
 Gift Guide for Little Skiers

We've got you covered from head to toe. 

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1. Helmet 

Skiing requires balance and can be just as dangerous as riding a bike or skateboard. Protect your little skier’s noggin with a helmet! We love Smith Arrival MIPS Snow Helmet for keeping little noggins safe.  

2. Goggles 

Goggles are necessary gear for skiers to help protect their eyes. They need protection not just from the sun’s harsh rays, but also from wind and ice chunks that may get kicked up, while on the slopes! 

3. Buff 

This head accessory has many uses, from keeping hair out of your little girl’s eyes, to keeping the wind and snow off of your kiddo’s neck, mouth and nose. 

4. Ski Wedge 

Easy Ski Wedges are the perfect accessory for beginning skiers. These little bungee straps attach to the tips of the skis to assist in keeping the skis together to slow down and keep a slower speed. Check out the great assortment of tip clamps and ski wedge's at your local ski shop.

5. Yeti Long Sleeve Shirt 

What could be more silly than a hitchhiking yeti? Your kiddo will adore this long sleeve shirt, all winter long. Find the t-shirt here along with more Yeti gear.

6. Baselayer Top 

Layers are a must when skiing. Hot Chillys has a variety of fun prints and styles to choose from. Stock up on youth tops or youth bottoms from Homulti functional

7. Ski Jacket 

Finding a multifunctional jacket that can work for different types of weather is idea. Look for a detachable hood. We like the Patagonia Snowbelle ski jacket.

8. Skis

Every young skiing enthusiast would be thrilled to find a new pair of skis, adorned with a big, fancy bow! Check out the skis by Rossignol with fun cartoon prints.

9. Ski Harness

If you have a little one that is new to skiing, a ski harness is a must! Attach them to your kiddo to help you aid them in getting on and off the ski lifts, as well as helping them learn to turn.

10. Gloves 

Protection from the wind, and cold, wet snow is an absolute must for little skier. Check out the great ski gloves that has to offer. We like these Burton Mini Shred mittens. 

11. Yeti Stuffed Animal 

This furry Yeti may not be the best pal to have on the slopes, but he sure makes the perfect snuggle buddy, while warming up after an afternoon of skiing.

12. Base layer bottom

Hot Chillys has a variety of fun prints and styles to choose from. 

13. Ski Pants 

Ski pants are a no brainer! Check out these high quality options from Patagonia. We like the snowbelle ski pants. 

14. Ski Socks

There isn’t much that is more frustrating than wet socks while you are headed down the slopes. Keep your kiddos feet drier, for longer with wool socks.

15. Chapstick

It is easy for lips to get chapped from the sun and the wind. Make chapstick a little more pleasing by opting for Burt's Bees this lip balm that smells like mint cocoa!

16. Ski Utah Pin

Your kiddo can dress up their ski bag or ski coat with this sweet Ski Utah Pin!

17. Thread Wallet 

Thread Wallets will keep your kiddo’s money safe, so they will not go hungry at lunch time, on the slopes!

18. Sunblock

This Blue Lizard mineral based sunblock is easy to apply, and a absolute necessity, even on cloudy days.

19. Ski Utah Mugs  

End the perfect ski day with a mug of hot chocolate!

20. Hot Chocolate to go with those mugs

Need a say more? Our families favorite is Stephen's Gourmet hot chocolate, and it tastes delicious!

21. Yeti Rambler 

This Yeti Rambler is the perfect size keeping hot water hot, even when it's freezing outside. 

22. Ski Boots 

Of course every skier needs a good pair of ski boots, but what about if your kiddo outgrows their current pair, mid-season? With a pair of Roces boots, you will not have to worry about that, because these amazing boots are adjustable, for growing feet!

23. Ski Bag 

A ski bag is essential to help your little ones keep their gear, like goggles, extra socks, and gloves together. You will not be disappointed with a quality bag like Cotopaxi bags.

Thank you for checking out our favorite gifts for little skiers! We'd love to know which one of these items you'd like to add to your list!

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