Give Brighton a Chance

By Ali Mar 19, 2008

I heart Alta and Snowbird and Solitude and all of Utah's lovely resorts...but I feel like a lot of people (locals and tourists) don't give Brighton a chance. They don't have outstanding lodging or restaurants, which means perks in other places. A day pass at Brighton is $53 . They almost always are the first resort to open, give out a very local vibe, have recently upgraded the Milly lift to a quad, and have an awesome park crew. Even if you don't ride park, its fun to be involved with the events weather you're a volunteer or a spectator.

I recently got to be a judge for the Bluehouse Slopestyle comp that was held at Brighton on March 8th. It could have been a balmy spring day, but turned out to be a bit of a blizzard. Despite that it was fun to see the die hard kids compete for gift certs and a brand new pair of skis. In the past I have always been on the competitor side of these Slopestyle events and found myself as the only female competing often times. So, I had extra respect and stoke for Kristy Giles who was the only female (and killed it by the way taking 4th place with all the males). Brighton was more than happy to have us there and groomed the park nicely for the athletes.

If any of you can make it, Brighton is also hosting a sweet event this Saturday March 22. Put on by Slug Games, they will be hosting a slopestyle comp...funds raised by it will be donated to fighting Breast Cancer. A local Burton rep, Krista Moroge, is in her own fight to stay alive...come out and support this wonderful woman.  If nothing else, come out and give Brighton a try.  [p.s. During April Brighton will be doing a buy one get one free deal on Tuesdays!]