Glenn Close the Actress, Skier, Dog Lover...Writer?

By Kendall Apr 24, 2008
Glenn Close the Actress, Skier, Dog Lover...Writer?

A buddy of mine was looking for a new bed for his dog and came upon and article and interview that Glenn Close had written for after a visit to Utah where she skied Sundance Resort. Wait a second. I knew she was an actress. But a skier, dog lover and a writer? You go girl, right on!

sundance-mick-tracy-peterson (sundance-mick-tracy-peterson)

The article is about her experience while skiing Sundance with her husband David when she became acquainted with the avalanche dog Mick and his trainer Tracy Christensen who is on ski patrol. She and David had the chance to be in "a problem" for the avalanche dog. Of this experience she said:

sundance-dog-hideandseek (sundance-dog-hideandseek)

Fascinated by Mick's talents and by the amazing affection and trust we saw between Mick and Tracy, my husband, David, and I volunteered to participate in what the ski patrol calls "a problem.” They would carve out a coffin-sized hole on the side of the mountain and we would crawl into it and be buried for as long as it took Mick to find us. It was dark and scary in that hole, but around the 15-minute mark, we heard Mick barking above us and were "saved.”

From the arcitle Tracy speaks of how he chose Mick to be an avalanche dog

GC: How did Mick come into your life?
I was amazed with avalanche dogs and how skilled the handlers and the dogs are. When Sundance had an open dog handler position, my ski patrol director gave me the “ok” to start the search for a good working dog. I looked around at several litters of dogs, there was just something about Mick - I knew he was it. I just had a feeling about this big-pawed clumsy puppy, and I just knew we were going to be a team.

The bulk of the article is an interesting inerview about Mick and Tracy but the video narrated by Glenn is worth watching so check it out on