Go Big or Go Home!

By Active Alyssa Nov 13, 2015
Hiking Mount Superior to 11,050 feet, tips on water, & tipsy on High West Whiskey. It's been a fun fall but I'm so happy winter is here!
Go Big or Go Home!

Before providing a ton of fitness tips you can implement at home, I'll take you higher to two weeks ago (pre-snow) to some active fun here in Utah on one of my favorite fall hikes. 

Before the snow coated the mountains, I completed a hike/climb called the South Ridge of Mount Superior, and oh my, is that a good high! Located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Mount Superior checks in at about 11,050, which is pretty big in my book! We started the hike wearing jackets, hats, and gloves, but with the steep elevation gain, it didn’t take long to heat up and shed some layers. With some of the free climb at a technical 5 level, I would not recommend the South Ridge to anyone lacking balance, endurance, climbing strength, or anyone afraid of heights or cliffs. It is quite dangerous in sections with loose rocks and drop offs. Prepared with protein bars, fruit, and water, we stayed nutritionally fueled and hydrated. Being active in a dry climate with high elevation, staying hydrated can be tough. Pre-hydrating and taking 1-2 liters of water with you in a Platypus or Camelbak is ideal. Hearts pumping, we continued getting higher, careful with every step, and scrambling past every challenging section. Finally, we made it to the top of Mount Superior and the sight was absolutely incredible! 


The boys were impressed and said that any lady that hikes the South Ridge of Superior is worth marrying! I of course was just dreaming of the mountains covered in white (which they now are) and warming up with some hot tea and High West Whiskey! Do the work and you deserve the whiskey! Making our way back down the mountain via the East Ridge trail through Cardiff Pass towards Alta, I was on a hiker's high for the rest of the day!

Speaking of going big, High West is one of my favorite places in Park City to enjoy drinks, and they recently opened a huge distillery in Wanship where Ski Utah gathered for a meeting and whiskey tour. The space is perfect for post ski tours or whiskey loving weddings! I learned to appreciate every last drop even more! Stay active and stay hydrated... even if you have to add a little Whiskey to your Water!

After getting a taste of the mountains in Utah, there is no way I could live without them. My love for the mountains is sparked for many reasons, one of them being the feeling of elevation. My family keeps asking me if I’m ever going to move back home to Ohio, but if I lived in Ohio, the Highest elevation I could reach by foot is 1,550. I’m happiest at higher levels and want my life elevated. I’ll go home to Ohio to visit, but I’m choosing to live and Go Big here in Utah! 

 XOXO~ Bring on the SNOW!