Going Green to keep the White

By Kendall Jan 6, 2008
Going Green to keep the White

It's all about the white around here and the past two weeks have been epic to put it mildly. But these days many of us skiers are thinking about being green as well. Additionally, some of Utah's resorts are wising up and are moving in the right direction to do their part to off set the environmental impacts that they have as businesses.

Let's face it, landfills aren't getting less full. Coal produced electricity is far from being impact free (Most of Utah's electricity is produced from Coal). Add to that a lot of the offices and buildings at Utah's ski resorts are open longer than your typical business and the joy of sliding on snow comes at a price to the earth.

I'm sure there are more examples out there but here are three things I've noticed in the past couple of weeks while skiing the white.


While eating at the Needles Lodge at Snowbasin I saw that the plastic cups are made from corn and are 100% biodegradable. All of the sudden "I'll stick with water" while dining in the luxurious lodges of Snowbasin feels better than using a wax based soda cup.

snowbasin_corn_cup (snowbasin_corn_cup)


After skiing at Snowbird a couple of weeks ago I was walking through the marketing department offices when I saw this little sign:

snowbird_lights (snowbird_lights)

You might say "ah, they're just trying to save money" and while I agree it also sends a message to the employees and the public who may see it. Nice work Snowbird!


On New Years day I was at Alta and while taking a break in the Watson Shelter (which IMHO falls in the "on mountain lodge" category rather than the shelter of yester-year) I noticed this sign:

alta_watson_shelter (alta_watson_shelter)

Among the copious amounts of eco-friendly approaches that Alta used in the construction and the maintenance of the building are low e-glass, high efficient boilers, energy efficient light bulbs set on occupancy timers, waterless urinals, and my favorite low flow "water closets". (that's toilets for you Americans ;-))

Great to see the resorts making green steps to keep the white coming!