Good Skiing or Great Skiing?

By Powderhound Cat Jan 7, 2011
Good Skiing or Great Skiing?

Year one of me skiing? A good day was making it down Homeward Bound. Not crying. Not being totally exhausted. Not thinking about giving up skiing completely. I had bad days. My boots always hurt.

Year two? A little faster, and a lot more fearless, break through days were my good days. Days accomplishing new runs. Days keeping up with the fast guys. Days my nose didn’t drip everywhere.

And now? Ski Utah has changed me from good to great as a skier, and now I only have good ski days and great ones.

What do you think of when you think of a good day?

I like fast lifts and sweet runs. Fun company and maybe an inside joke or two. A new run at a new resort. Having found all the perfectly comfortable gear, scoring front row parking. And this powder? Finally learning to glide through it instead of fighting it, that was a really good day.

What do you think constitutes a great ski day?

After “getting” skiing, and trying all these new mountains, my motto is “no bad days”. It's typically a beach slogan you see on bumper stickers with palm trees. But it applies to my days on the mountain just as perfectly. Great days for me? When you’re not thinking about skiing, it’s easy to have a great day. Tell me what sets your great days apart from your good ones! 

My Top Five:

1. A breath taking view.

2. A lift ride with a happy visitor.

3. Landing a successful jump.

4. A beer break with a friend.

5. Skiing like I've been doing it more than three years!

A View at Sundance:

img_3824 (img_3824)