Good times in the Backcountry

By Tim Roberts Jan 28, 2008

So an old friend of mine, who used to live in Utah and was an instructor at Brighton for a while, was in town over the weekend and asked me to take him out into the backcountry to ride some pow. Well, it didn't take a whole lot of arm twisting to get me on board and on Saturday morning we met up and headed out into the wilds. It was a gorgeous day with light winds and blue skies. Riding the lifts at Solitude it looked like there was plenty of great snow in bounds, but, we were looking for acres of untracked and when it hasn't snowed in a couple of days there is only one place to get that. Out of Bounds.

First we went Evergreen, it's a pretty easy hike and I wanted to see if Mike was still ripping after spending the last couple of years riding East Coast terrian parks. He sent the hike and we proceeded to a chute I know of called Brain Damage. The powder was good and Mike was holding his own on the steep and deep terrain back there.

Me dropping into Brain Damage

After our quick trip down the backside of Evergreen I felt like Mike was ready to hang with the big boys, so we went up Fantasy Ridge. I didn't want to freak Mike out too much, so, I didn't really give him many details about the sketchier parts of the hike. Like the move where you have to grab a cable and a rock and hike up a 55 degree section with a rock strewn chute directly below you. In that particular section I showed Mike how to do it by going up first. He was about halfway up when he looked up at me and said "I don't know about this" to which I replied "Well, you can't go back down." Anyway, he sacked up and pulled off the ascent in fine style. After about a two hour hike (normally it's more like an hour, but, Mike isn't used to the altitude and I was just having a great time enjoying the perfect weather and great views) we dropped into our first pitch, the East Bowl of Silverfork Canyon. The powder was perfect the sun was shining and we had a great run of about 1000 vertical feet of untracked snow. Then we did a short hike up to Flannegan's Hill and found even more great powder on a shady aspect and a long run back to the quad a Solitude. Anyway, it was a great day hanging out with an old friend and riding perfect snow. Here are a couple more pictures.

Mike on Fantasy RidgeMe on Fantasy RidgeMike in the East Bowl of Silverfork


Anway, I hope you make it out again soon Mike and we can ride some more. I took a little bit of video and I'll try to post that up later.