Gorgoza Tubing Park

By Powderhound Matt Jan 29, 2011
Tubing at Gorgoza Tubing Park.

You’ve been skiing day after day. Your legs are shot or in my case you’ve been working seven doubles in a row,  9 a.m. to 3 a.m. and you’re just looking for a relaxing day on the hill. Head on over to Gorgoza tubing park just off I-80, only one exit away from Park City. Here you can enjoy some serious tubing that everyone in your group will love.

Every year during Sundance, I bring Sota from Southern California out to Park City to be our guest Sushi Chef up at the restaurant. During each of his visits, Sota rounds up a bunch of our staff for one night during the festival and we all meet up at the top of 10th street in Old Town Park City. That’s when a serious sledding session goes down well into the early morning hours. Tenth Street is probably about 30 yards long at best but he absolutely loves bombing down the closed street. So this year, instead of bringing him to one of our ski resorts on our day off, I decided to bring him to Gorgoza tubing park. If he loves sledding in Old Town, he was going to absolutely love Gorgoza, right?

I think you can tell from the video that he had a great time.